Developer Saitama Came Out to update the Project SaitaLogistics

SaitaLogistics the first ever crypto P2P system designed to handle all types of logistics. It uses AI to determine the most convenient shipment option & takes care of the process between sender & recipient.

On May 1, a post on Mkay Saitama’s Twitter account released an update on the project. SaitaLogistics will provide users and businesses all the necessities and real-time tracking with AI, whether you ship a small parcel or a full container cargo and speaking of the Saitama token, “The Crypto you hold is also a valuable long-term solution in your possession. The utilities which we take our time building before launching are designed to be delivered with ease of usage, but with the most advanced Technologies to give you a smooth experience.”

At time of writing, SAITAMA has a market capitalization of $0.0013 and trading volume within 24 hours is up 39.59%.